Moe Gustus is an artist from Chattanooga, TN. Gustus is soon to graduate from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a BFA in Photography and Media Arts. His practice is multi-disciplinary with an emphasis on filmmaking and videography. By working with sculpture, video, and scene building he utilizes a phenomenological framework to reimagine and reinterpret past experiences and generate new outcomes that exist digitally. Digital space functions as a sort of portal to the past in his installation based


email: moegustus@gmail.com
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artist statement

I think through my ideas using video and sculptural elements that pose as stand-ins for people, memories, and change. These stand-ins act as ephemera to recall the past in a specific way that functions as a sort of retrospective. Maybe even a crude form of magic in which I am able to replace and rearrange my own memory. Themes of intimacy, poetics, and desire live in my work by way of objects and myself.

A sculptural approach to video allows objects and materials to become abstract references to time and place. Mundane experiences become acts of poetic reconciliation in which the transformation of objects reference personal deconstruction and inversely rebuilding. The flattening of three dimensional space that is the result of digital rendering becomes a portal to the past. A portal through which my body is reduced to digital space and a mere moving image that often has a shrouded identity, not necessarily hidden but enmeshed in symbolism and gestures of poetics.

Tangled imagery and metaphors self-reference one another so as to become one while simultaneously standing alone. It is quite important to me that the work takes some liberties in its own creation and thus reveals itself in some way. The combination of materiality and immateriality as a multimedia metaphor lives in a fantasy realm that does not disregard reality but instead seeks to subtly reimagine it.